Data Within The Electronic Health Record ( Ehr ) Essay

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iTrust is a patient centric application that is designed to assist patients and health care providers in maintaining individual’s health related data within the electronic health record (EHR). Patients’ health records are a great target for many attackers because they contain sensitive data. The main goal of iTrust is to create a system that centralizes medical information of a patient from many sources in order to provide a summary of health records in a way that is useful to health care professionals (Meneely, Smith, & Williams, 2011). Adding and adopting EHR raises major concerns and challenges for protecting the privacy of patients’ health information. iTrust maintains not only the personal sensitive information and health records, but also a comprehensive transaction logs which is used to track the patient’s profile. The application’s transaction log allows patients to track who viewed their medical information when they log in the iTrust system. The application also has a function that allows patients to change and update their personal information. In addition, iTrust system is designed to equip health care providers with the features to learn about their patients’ chronic diagnosis ranging from diabetes and heart disease if present. After conducting the risk assessment, our team came up with the various rankings of the security risk model, with 1 being the highest and 4 being the lowest risk for the iTrust database application’s new requirements. The adoption of
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