Essay about Database Environment Week 2

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Database Environment: Week 2
Joe Snuffy
October 6, 2002

Database Environment Intro
The Tampa Art Museum needs to track the artwork, artists, and locations where the art is displayed or stored within the museum. Currently The Tampa Art Museum is using an inaccurate set of spreadsheets to keep track of art, artist, and location data within the Museum and it is very cumbersome for end users. The Project teams Goal is to create a reliable database to streamline operations at the museum and make inventory accurate and reliable.
Database Environment
The database environment consists of the system hardware, software, people, procedures, and data. The hardware that will be used for the database is a network of Dell
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The data in the database will represent the artwork, artists, and locations art is stored within the museum. The data will be stored into tables created with Microsoft Access.
Problems & Constraints
The problems and constraints for the new database will be the gathering of data that needs to be represented in the new database. At the present time Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are being used to store data on art, artists, and art locations. These spreadsheets are not always updated and accurately represented on all present workstations. The data needs to be gathered and documented before the new database can be created to insure that the new database will be accurate.
Time is another constraint of the new database project. The database needs to be operational before the beginning of the next fiscal year and within the allotted budget of $20,000. The budget is allotted for labor only as all the hardware and software has already been obtained for the database.
Database Objectives
The objective of the database is to document what art, artists, and location of the art is contained within the museum. This will help museum project leaders know exactly what the museum has for art on hand, and to organize the inventory and prepare for future exhibits.
The scope of the new database is to define all the art, artist, and art locations within the museum. The database will only contain information about the art, artist, and location of the art within

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