Database Memorandum

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Database Memorandum
I wanted to review the database tools we have at our disposal and explain what each is used for, when each is appropriate, and some improvements that we are pursuing to makes these tools easier to use and more powerful. For the sales organization there are three database options available to us; Hyperion®, Access®, and our most widely used tool, BusinessObjects by SAP.
This database is least understood by the sales team because Hyperion® is only used to gather financial data (Pinnacle Titan Technology Partners [Titan], n.d., p. 1). As a sales team we only use it once a year for creating our annual sales and operating budgets. The system is not easy for us to use, because of its layout and duplication of
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Future sales initiatives and identification of nationwide hospital trends can provide tremendous industry intelligence that the company can support with new distribution and consulting service offerings.
SAP BusinessObjects:
BusinessObjects is the most widely used and powerful tool the sales team has at its disposable. This data warehouse provides us with significant volumes of information that can be used to support business decisions both internally and externally. We can answer customer questions in a short time span and document our service to them over the last five years. The service and pricing data is most widely called for and every representative has used their own queries to answer these questions. While the individual initiative to respond to these inquiries is positive, they are inconsistent because of the use of custom queries.
We want to ensure that our data is reliable and accurate, so we are going to develop a group of standard queries for internal use by the sales team. Some report will be internally focused and include gross sales and margin data. Others will be externally focused and include customer specific data. Vendor sales volume, fill rates, and pricing credits are all contractual obligations we have to fulfill. With each person running their own reports there are inconsistencies that are being used against us as contract renewals are initiated. Monetary penalties can be invoked and damage to our reputation as a company can
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