Dating Is A Fun Way To Get To Know Someone Before Moving

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Dating is a fun way to get to know someone before moving into a serious relationship. Some may say that dating as a teen is harmless but in many cases, could be deadly. A teens high school sweetheart can turn into their worst nightmare. Teen dating violence does not just happen face-to-face but can take place in small forms such as electronically and or through written forms. Gender doesn’t change who will endure teen dating violence, abusers can be male or female and so can their victims (Andie Foley, 2016). With the internet becoming increasingly advanced, teen dating violence happens much more frequently than one will expect. Teen Dating violence does not just include being physically targeted. Aside from physical, psychological, or …show more content…

Her dedication to her work is very evident in the way she vocally expresses the intel of what’s it like to be in the position she is in. Although she advocates for many different groups of individuals in the community, Ms. Morris’s goals for advocating for teen violence is on a constant strategic change. Her goals are forever changing depending on the message that is needed to get across. She made it clear that individuals will learn to identify the early signs of Teen Dating Violence and what to do in those cases. Ms. Morris also wanted to make sure that individuals will be able to empower one another in the prevention of teen dating violence. To determine who and what could be utilized, Ms. Morris uses a different variety of resources to adhere to the group of individuals who needs services. Presentations are put together, calls are placed to volunteers in the public, and the building of rapport along the years helps Ms. Morris to determine who and what can be utilized. Ms. Morris stressed that being part of a community is essential to helping and advocating. Building rapport with many different people and organizations helps her utilize different resources in times of need. She made it clear that in order to get a large message across that it takes more than one person of various backgrounds relaying that message in the community. Ms. Morris’s uses a

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