Davenport Public Works Case Analysis

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Davenport Public Works experienced many changes over the last two-year period. Reorganization and succession planning in the form of internal preparation and promotion eased the impact of some changes in key personnel. Public Works Director At the time of our re-accreditation site visit in December 2015, the organization was in the midst of re-organization. The Public Works Director at that time was reassigned just prior to the site visit and left employment in July of the following year (2016). Since that time, the Public Works Director position was modified and the position filled. This position is now Assistant City Administrator/Public Works Director (ACA/PWD). After the ACA/PW Director position was filled, the Director further …show more content…

There was no change in staff, this was a position realignment only. o Our Facilities Manager and Facilities Maintenance Division structure was modified (see Facilities Maintenance section later). The Facilities Manager’s position was redefined and the position reassigned under the Capital Manager for efficient and effective planning and execution of capital projects involving municipal facilities in January 2017. The position’s title was changed to Facilities and Project Condition Manager. There was no change in staff, position update only. • The Public Works Program Coordinator position was reviewed for accuracy, modified and the title changed to Communications and Preparedness Manager in December 2016. No staff change, position updates only. • To reduce span of responsibility/direct reports to the ADA/PW Director, the Safety and Training Officer was re-assigned under the Superintendent of Public Works Operations. Building Code Enforcement/Code and Safety Enforcement/Neighborhood Services As part of initial reorganization in 2015, Neighborhood Code Enforcement Services was assigned to the existing Building Division Manager and the employee’s title and duties changed to Code and Safety Enforcement Program Manager. This reassignment was temporary with the option of becoming permanent as workload and neighborhood code enforcement procedures were evaluated. After careful evaluation of the

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