David Free Will

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As believers in Christ we have our thoughts about what God’s plan is, it could be that there is plan for our lives and no matter how many mistakes we make everything will work out or that there is just one big plan and it will prevail no matter what. David has a hard time just letting the Chairman’s plan unfold. He believes that he has free will and with it he makes his own choices. Thomas, a worker for the chairman, tells David about the free will (or lack thereof) humans poses. David does not like that idea and points out that he can choose what toothpaste he uses everyday so that is an indication that humans have free will and to that Thomas tells him that humans only have appearance of free will and that everything is a part of a grand…show more content…
The people around David from campaign managers to interns all work to run the business of David, making sure he says the right thing, wears the right thing, and looks like he is the best person he could be. Because of this and the absence of control over his life, David could cling to the fact that he can choose Crest or Colgate. Upon rewatching the scene when Elise and David, if we look at David and Elise as Adam and Eve characters in Eden, when Elise crashes a wedding, because she dared herself to do so, it could be interpreted as the fall of man in Genesis 3. Eve tells the serpent that about the tree of knowledge and that she and Adam can't eat its fruit or they will die. The serpent tells Eve they wouldn't die and tempted her to eat the fruit. Eve could have chosen not to surrender to temptation give it to her by Satan but instead choosing to stay with God and follow his plan for her and Adam. Also, another story from the bible their meeting brings to my mind is the story of King David and Bathsheba. They two were people not meant to be together, since Bathsheba was married at the time David first saw
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