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I am writing to express my interest in the Personnel Security Team Leader role with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). I have nine years experience in the Personnel Security environment and am passionate about the preservation of National Security and Pre-Employment Screening. In my years of Personnel Security experience I have developed a well-rounded knowledge base of the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) which outlines the controls used by the Australian Government to protect its people, information and resources.

In my current role with the DIBP Personnel Security Clearance Team I have been able to incorporate my extensive PSPF knowledge in assisting with the development of Departmental policy’s, management …show more content…

The environment we found ourselves in was ever changing and required all employees to be flexible and work co-operatively. It was particularly important in my role as Team Leader to understand and demonstrate the linkages between the Departments work areas and incorporate them into our planning and decision making. This was most evident in the new Integrity Policy Framework that related directly with my Division and the greater agency. During the initial stages of this policy taking effect it was integral my team and the greater Employment Suitability team understood our role in implementing the policy. I utilised my team members expertise in their ability to effectively communicate to stakeholders the new requirements, including the new Employment Suitability Clearance (ESC), which is designed to provide assurance to the community that there is minimal risks associated with individuals or their circumstances which may cast doubt on their ability to support the agency and maintaining the Departments commitment to integrity and security of Australia’s borders. The new policy also stipulated that anyone working for the Department had to hold a minimum Baseline level security clearance. This was a huge change for my team as it meant that more then 7000 clearances needed to be initiated. With a small team and such a large body of work to complete, it was integral for me to ensure I was providing regular updates to my managers and my team as to the current workload and expected timeframes of completion. This allowed for all team members to be across what was expected of us and to provide reportable data to the Executives. By maintaining open communication channels with my team and managers we were able to efficiently initiate the required clearances whilst maintaining a high level of attention to detail and excellent customer

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