4DEP Assignment

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Activity 1


HR Profession Map
It is created by the profession for the profession, as a development tool to decipher the HR capabilities of individuals, teams and organisations. It can show areas that you need to improve or identify achievements to assist with development in your career path. It can identify skills needed, capabilities in the team and show where progress is needed.

Core: Insights, Strategy and Solutions
The heart of the map, is having the knowledge and understanding of the organisation and external factors to gain insights in spotting risks, opportunities and enhance development. It is then to be able to take action to create an approach and then drive in a solution.

Core: Leading HR
Leading HR then
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My role includes;
Advertising (internal and external)
Reviewing Applicants and Shortlisting
Interviewing (designing interview questions)
Appling for DBS
Offers and Contracts

I would say my role is at Band 1 working towards Band 2 with the completion of this course.

Activity 2


I have been approached by 3 conflicting needs from stakeholders.

A letter has been sent to Ofsted from an anonymous person stating that they have suspicion that eight care staff are illegal drug users. Ofsted are asking us what we are going to do.

The managing director has requested a recruitment report explaining what stage of the recruitment process each of our applicants are at including potential candidates. He wants this before the managers meeting at 3pm.

A manager has reported an employee that hasn’t attended there shift, failed to contact anyone and are not answering their phone.

I would prioritise the complaint from Ofsted, as this could be a safeguarding issue, which could put our young people at risk if the statement is true. I would organise emergency drugs testing backed up by our policy in our employee handbook. I would then inform Ofsted of measures we are taking to protect our young people.

I would then complete the recruitment report as I am running out of time before the meeting commences and due to a new placement coming in the managers need to know if they will have enough staff and when they will commence

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