De Grey Case Study

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Essay #3 1.) What does ‘De Grey describe to be the process of aging? De Grey described the process of aging in a biological manner. De Grey believes that throughout our body there has been molecular and cellular damage that has been occurring all of our lives. 2.) What does he see as a “Challenge”? There are many different challenges that come with science and biology. In this case one challenge de Grey and researchers see is the obesity epidemic that is arising from rich nations into the developing world. The obesity problem causes more problems and would not help the case of a healthy body for a long life. 3.) What is his prediction for the year 2030? Overall de Grey believes that a person born already will live up to 150 years old. Based on all the new technology that the world has now, de Grey strongly believes that doctors can cure aging and untimely expand life expectancy of individuals. In 2030, de Grey has predicted that there will be at least 100 million centenarians across the world. 4.) What is “Cell Therapy”?…show more content…
Erikson’s 8Th stage of development is ego integrity vs. despair. At this stage elder adults contemplate their accomplishments and if they believe they have lived a successful life then they will develop integrity, if one doesn't think they have lived a successful life then they will develop despair. If humans have the opportunity to live longer then they have more opportunities to make their life successful instead being too old and dissatisfied with their life. With the chance to live longer, humans can reflect on their ego integrity vs. despair after 150 years instead of just 80 or 90. They have many more years to experience events and make more memories throughout their lifetime. If a human really wants to live longer, then that may mean they are dissatisfied with their life, but if they are satisfied then they do not fear

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