Dead Zones

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Dead zones are hypoxic zones that can occur naturally but recently are being created by human interference and any naturally occurring ones rapidly grow bigger due to outside influence.The main impact humans have that cause dead zones are the surplus of nutrients in the water, these come primarily from farms and drain into rivers and streams or as excess water that is dumped into a lake or river. All the nutrients allows huge amounts of algae to grow at a rapid rate and once there is no longer enough nutrients to support them all they they begin to die and this process deprives the water of oxygen killing everything.One of the biggest dead zones and most deteimental is the one located in the Gulf of Mexico, as of August 2015 it was 6474 square miles.This can lead to devestating effect as many types of fish die and those that do manage to escape end up miles away causing fishermen to travel further and adding to the damage in the sea food industry.

Science used to solve the problem (How and why it works + vocab)

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