Deadpool : Anti-Heroic Characters In Super Heros

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Oh no! Lives are in danger no thanks to a moraless criminal. Don’t fear (insert superhero) is here! Thanks to (insert superhero) many lives were saved and the hero stopped the criminal in their tracks and threw the criminal behind bars. This is typically how events involving superheroes end up in comics, movies and cartoons. Super heroes such as Batman, Superman and Spiderman surged in popularity thanks to it filling the imaginations of not only children, but adults as well. The villains in these super hero universes help develop heroes, other characters involved and engage the viewers with the plotline. There is this one unique character in the Marvel characters that stands out from all the superheroes and villains, even in the DC universe. His name is Wade Wilson otherwise known as Deadpool. Deadpool is an anti-hero, which separates him from any superheroes and villains.Deadpool isn’t the character children should look up to, and Deadpool acknowledges this. He won’t cause mayhem on innocent people to poke attention from a hero, but he won’t hold back on methods of attack if someone gets in the way of his goals. Deadpool’s quirky attitude, anti-heroic attributes and relatability to the many audiences surges his popularity among fans of superhero universe’s. Before becoming Deadpool, Wade Wilson was just a man struggling with poverty doing anything to get by. It makes him more human than other heroes in the universe such as Superman man because he understands the

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