Dealing With Anxiety Disorder : My Narrative Essay

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Dealing with Anxiety Disorder: My Narrative Essay
By Frida Borges Everyone has problems they have to deal with, some problems are physical, some are due to circumstance, and others are mental. Getting anxious is normal, it happens to everyone. Once your anxiety starts taking over your life like some sort of parasite, that 's when it stops being normal. Anxiety Disorder is a mental illness where worries and fears start to become overwhelming and almost impossible to control. Dealing with Anxiety is definitely stressful and an ongoing struggle. Like many mental illness Anxiety Disorder comes with multiple struggles and takes a lot of work to keep it under tabs. One problem of having Anxiety Disorder is the feeling it gives you due to chemical imbalances in your brain. Having Anxiety Disorder to me feels like that moment you finish watching a horror movie, the lights are off, you 're by yourself, and then you hear the floor boards creak but only ten times worse and 24/7. All of your fears and worries become bigger than they really are. You can 't tell if you’re just overreacting or you’re if anxiety is justified. You start being suspicious and paranoid about everything and everyone, but when you 're not wonder if someone you know has secret dastardly plans against you worry that they don 't actually like you and they only pity you. Secondly another effect of Anxiety Disorder is getting panic attacks, panic attacks are when your anxiety becomes disabling. When I get

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