Dealing With Anxiety

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Anxiety is a disorder that many people face daily. While some people might know how to deal with their anxiety, many people do not even know that they are being affected by this troublesome disorder. Anxiety is defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Anxiety has taken its toll on me throughout my lifetime, and I was completely unaware until I was able to put a word to the feelings I had. Impacting school life, work life, and personal life anxiety is no easy task to face. Anxiety has the ability to turn confidence into fear and has a great mental impact on the person affected. Anxiety, to me, is being in a constant state of fear or worry; no matter the situation. Can you imagine always worrying about an assignment even though you know it was done correctly? This is a typical characteristic of anxiety and one that always have its effect on me. No matter the time or the scenario of my schoolwork, I am always in fear that I am doing the work wrong. I often find times where I will delete an entire paragraph just to rewrite the whole thing because I feared that it might not be good enough. If I have a paper due, I am constantly worrying about the assignment until I receive my grade. Anxiety has grasped …show more content…

From the application process all the way to the point of working, I am always in fear while securing a job. Anxiety makes job applications seem to not be qualified enough. Interviews are a constant worry of ones appearance and messing up horribly during the first impression. Days of waiting for a call back after an interview seem like months. Even once secure in the workplace I feel as if my job is constantly on the line every time I clock in. If I hear that my supervisor or boss is upset, I automatically assume that the problem is with me. Anxiety in the workplace has me in fear that my job is always on the

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