Dean Corll and His Accomplice David Brooks

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Also a very clever thing, Corll forced his victims to call or write to their parents explaining why they just up so parents won’t look for them bringing any attention to him. During the years of him murdering young men he often changed addresses. Until he moved to Pasadena in 1973 he had always lived around Houston Heights. a 18 year old college freshman name Jeffrey Komen was corll's victim back on September 25, 1970. Konen disappeared while hitchhiking with another student from the University of Texas to his parents’ home in Houston he was dropped off alone at the corner of Wertheimer Road and South Voss Road near the Uptown area of Houston. He offered to drive Konen to his parents' home. David Brooks told the police to the body of Jeffrey Konen on August 10, 1973. His body was buried at High Island Beach. Forensic scientists concluded that the had died of suffocation caused by physical strangulation and a cloth that was placed in his mouth. His body was found buried beneath a layer of lime, wrapped in plastic ("The Party").
On December 15, 1970, Brooks’s lured two 14 year old bo)ys named James Glass and Danny Yates away from a religious rally held near Houston Heights to Corll's apartment. They both were tied to opposite sides of Corll's torture board and then raped strangled and was buried in a boat shed.

On August 17, 1971, Corll and Brooks captured a 17-year-old boy that was a friend of brooks. His name was Ruben Watson he was walking home from a movie theater in

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