Death In Ophelia's 'Grieving Laertes'

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The first event, in which Ophelia’s “death” adds to the plight of the already grieving Laertes may influence the reader/audience to feel sympathetic towards him. Shakespeare could have used a random messenger to deliver the news of Ophelia’s death but the use of Gertrude in this scene makes this news more heartbreaking for Laertes. In the speech spoken to Laertes by Gertrude, it is somewhat implied that Ophelia knowingly committed suicide. Ophelia’s mental state in the scene’s before the drowning definitely did foreshadow her downfall. The neglect she received from Hamlet and the death of her father was too much for her to handle. In the case of Ophelia, her relationship with Hamlet was the direct cause of her demise. Similarly, this also applies
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