Death Is The End Of The Life Of A Person

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Death is the end of the life of a person, and they do not want to die although people know that they cannot avoid dying as Thomas said in “Do not go gentle into that good night”[1]. Although some people do not have any disease, they will think about disease if their parents or someone in their families is dead because of serious disease. They may think that they may have the same disease and make them panic. My grandmother was dead because she had diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. I was not worried about those diseases at that moment because I was young who assumed to die at 80. I had been sad for a week, but I was not panic about death because of thinking as a child. I still played and did fun activity with my friends while my…show more content…
Some diseases are inheritance such as colorblindness and hemophilia, but some serious disease are inconclusive whether inheritance or not. Since my grandmother has died for 6 years and I do not think like a child, I begin to worry that I might have genes that cause diabetes and high blood pressure. With that assumption, I feel terrified again because my mind are thinking about illness and death like my grandmother, so I have to find information from reliable sources to prove it. I have been looking for relation between genetic and those diseases, but I have not found any evidence and scientific paper. Therefore, I conclude that I do not have those disease genes. Although this behavior is called cognitive bias, it helps me to get rid of horrible feeling. If people are diagnosed a hazard disease, they will be depressed and scared because their minds have already thought about death. When people know that someone dies because of cancer or other serious diseases that they are scared of, their thoughts will falsely link that death are scary. This is a type of learning called “classical conditioning”[2]; however, the link can be disappeared if they change their thoughts and believes. My blood pressure would be high compared to other teenagers every time I went to the hospital. Then, my parents were very worried about me since they also had

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