Death Rights In Shakespeare's Antigone

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In the play Antigone, Antigone is sent to death because she has buried her brother, which was against the law, at the time. But Antigone did what she thought was right and defended herself against the king, who has not thought the process through. In all, Antigone is right in what she did. She believed that people must be buried and have death rights to pass over. This was also her last brother and she will not have another so she was willing to honor him in any way she could. She went against the king because the king went against the gods and messed up along the way. Antigone did what was right because she defended her religion and personal beliefs, honored her last brother, and defended herself the king.
Antigone defended her religion and personal beliefs by burying her brother. Since the king made a law against burying her brother because he is seen as a traitor, even though the throne was rightfully his and he was getting what he was entitled to, she decided to bury him to follow religion. Her religion states that someone needs to be buried to pass into the afterlife and if that person is not buried they cannot pass over and the family is faced with …show more content…

From her mother and father dieing, to her dieing for her last brother's sake. But in all Antigone did what was right because the gods she believed in, and the kingdom also, states that people must be buried to pass over and if they are not then they will not pass over and the family will face consequences. The king knew about this and yet went against the gods rules he is supposedly following. When the king had a choice to change the law he didn’t even though he knew he was in the wrong and instead stuck with it until his personal life was threatened and the law became an easy fix, but it was too late for Antigone. In the end Antigone died for what she believed in. She followed her gods rules and buried her last brother. So how could she have possibly be in the

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