Death of a Dog in Poem, Question by May Swenson Essay

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The poem "Question" written by May Swenson is about a person questioning the way they'll live after their belongings and pets are no longer a part of their life. This poem is about a person’s belongings which they are extremely attached to. They state it in the last line oft he second stanza when they say, "bright dog is dead." They clearly do lots of activities with this dog like hunt, camp, and go out riding. The person is unsure of what they plan to do when the day comes that their friend passes away. Their description of their love for their dog could also describe the dog's loyalty in a way because dogs are known for being very loyal to their owners as well as loving them very much. The owner may feel as though they will feel bad …show more content…

I picture them sitting beside fireside on a log cooking something above the flame. Sitting next to them is their dog, only strengthening the connection between the two. The poem may not be only about a dog, it may be about his horse. This could be interpreted in the second line of the second stanza when the author questions, “How will I ride.” It can also be interpreted when the author says, “Where can I go without my mount all eager and quick.” This could be interpreted because you could argue that a “mount” could be a horse. Speaking from experience again, horses are large animals but they are extremely gentle animals and are just as loyal as your other pets. They sense your emotions and the tone of your voice with little to no error. The third and final thing mentioned by May Swenson was their house. Clearly houses give off no emotion in any way because they are inanimate objects. Humans can become emotionally attached to things even if they’re not alive like the author and their house. An example of this could be a child and their favorite toy. If a child loves a certain object and that specific object is taken away when it still enjoys it, more than commonly than not the child will want that specific toy back and wouldn’t settle for a replacement without some sort of battle. This connects because the author has probably been living in the same house for a

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