Debbie Equality And Diversity Essay

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Alise Clark Promoting Equality and Diversity of Service Users in a Care Setting. The society that we now live in has become increasingly more diverse over the years. A reflection of how diverse our communities now are is in our care settings, carers now have to be proactive in equally and fairly treating everybody in their care, despite having such varied people in their care environment. People such as Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Occupational Therapists and Social Workers and other people who work in care are the people that need to have the understanding that treating everyone equally is most the most important factor to having a positive relationship with…show more content…
Promoting Equality. Equality is about making our society somewhere that everyone has the opportunity and the chance to reach their maximum potential throughout their life. Part of equality is knowing everyone has a different level of ability and understanding, for example for one person in society being able to walk to a supermarket independently and buy themselves a packet of crisps then walk home again could be a huge achievement for them, giving them a strong sense of self believe as well as a boost in their self­concept. To other people this is part of daily life and they wouldn’t see it as an achievement. Giving people the opportunity to do things that are possible for them to do with their level of ability and making them feel empowered by it is equality amongst our society. Another example could be in a care home for the elderly, for one service user walking to the toilet and back could a real achievement for the, making them feel independent and self­sufficient whereas a different service user could have a real sense of achievement by simply standing up unaided for 10 seconds. Recognising peoples different potentially is a key part in creating equality amongst service users. People can be led to believe that equality is treating people in the exact same way but approaching one person in a specific way could be really positive for that person but to someone else could have a very
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