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EMCEE: Good evening to all of us. Welcome to Frances Teresa Garden. Welcome to the HOT and LEGAL PARTY of our charming debutant who is now turning into a fine lady. This is quiet a very important event in her life and she is very much honor for your presence. Like Wendy in the movie Peter Pan, no more fairy tale stories every night. She is now a real lady as she stepped onto the much higher level of what we call LIFE. Ladies and gentlemen, sit back as we groove, jive and enjoy her party for tonight…
EMCEE: But before we go on, it is my great honor to introduce all her special guests for tonight. 1. 18 Bachelors:
Like a flower that blooms and exudes its sweet scents to attract bees and butterflies, the debutant
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And to represent Cyrill’s Circle of Important People of her Life, let us welcome the following persons who will share their wishes and offer Ring of Enlightenment which symbolizes friendship which binds two persons together, and the different colors of light from the ring represents all aspects of hardship and joy to make them closer together. Of course these people will be the ones who will give her advices and kind words along the way on how to become a perfect woman. But I want to clarify that before they say their wish for Cyrill, ay may sorpresa tayong ipapagawa sa kanila, anu po kaya yun? – Kailangan nilang isubo at nguyain ang kending kinahiligan ng ating debutante…. Ang YAKEE BUBLE GUM. Let us call in the first group:
 Mrs. Maribeth Baltero
 Ms. Helen Pillado
 Mrs. Nancy Samaniego
 Mrs. Velina Higanto
 Mrs. Melinda Lozano
(Cyrill’s Advisers and mentors since Grade school up to High School in La Consolacion College-Binan)
 Cherie Dee Leal
 Noelle Buenaventura
(Cyrill’s close friends from Mapua, also called as Lady Gaga’s)
 Aren Tan
 Ephraim Gatmaitan
 Jamella Calica
 Karen Yasis
(Cyrill’s classmates in college, her close friends, in Mapua Institute of Technology, her co-course friends as well, also taking up BS Accountancy)
 Shaola Batacandolo
 Mien Carino
(Cyrill’s co-members in D.A.G.I.G, her dance group since high school)
 Klarins Sandoval
 Faye Alloso
 Jamina Almandus
 Patricia Esperidion
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