Deception 's Pesticide, Disease

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Deception 's Pesticide, Disease The first position of the federal government on GM crops, is the department of the EPA, FDA, USDA biochemist scientists to experiment and record GMO foods are safe for the consumer to eat without any severe risk. The government department American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) approves that consuming foods from modified genetic ingredients obtained from GM crops pose no greater danger than consuming from Non-GMO foods. Therefore, the different characteristic of GM foods was altered will stay fresh for an extended amount of time, significantly delaying its expiration, for a longer period of freshens in the local grocery store. The FDA has approved that GMO is safe to consume, and there is no need to test or labeling supplements containing material made from genetically modified organisms. However, the federal government departments of the EPA, USDA, FDA does not inform the customer of the harmful ingredient injected into a seed that may cause unfavorable proteins. (Food and Drug Administration. 2013). Secondly, the government agencies and biotech company are keeping the public in the dark about the hazardous proteins in GMO foods. The federal government has assigned specific departments to safeguard the public, from the dangerous ingredients that generated from GM crops. Even though, the public is unaware about how the biotech industries have concealed the adverse results from the pubic though threatening genetic

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