Decision Vs Free Will Essay

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In life we are all born into a society that is founded upon free will, individual thinking and individual effort. Free will can be defined as a decision made by an individual person without any outside influence. I for one believe that you will only get out of something what it is that you put into something, and this is the foundation of free will in thinking that if you chose to do something you may have to put forth effort in order to accomplish this task. However, if you think about it, is free will an illusion? Is every decision you make influenced by some factor or outcome from making that decision? In order to determine whether or not we are truly free to make decisions on our own free of influence, we must take into consideration all of the factors and components that go into the decision making proses. According to a Umass…show more content…
Furthermore, throughout the decision making, you may find yourself susceptible to outside influence. For example, when gathering information about your decision, where does that information come from and will that information alter your opinion or cause you to choose an alternative decision instead of your original decision? Additionally, originality is very hard to create, because even if you have just discovered something, chances are someone else has also done the same thing and provided information about it, which could encourage or prevent you from doing the same thing. In life we are provided with different options or different decisions with outcomes that could affect us in different ways; however, are you really the one calling the shots in regards to your own life? We believe that we have free will to make our own decisions, and often think that the outcome of our life are biased on those choice. Furthermore, the perspective of free will is a concept that is instilled in us from the day that we are born. As a young kid, if you wanted to
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