Decisions In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Like the story, “Romeo & Juliet” by Shakespeare, his amazing poetry and imagination showed how two families had to pick the perfect one for their child. But their children married the ones their parents hated, and in the end, their decisions ended their lives. But my first-hour English class decided to do a little experiment with our parent’s opinion compared to ours on their opinion for our future Romeo/Juliet. Do some of us youth know are guardian's very well?
For a parent that knows me the most would be my mother, she has always been there for me and has taught me not to depend on people; to be independent. For her, I would have thought of her standards being high, but in reality, they were little things compared to mine. For my mother I felt she would have required, that he would be nice to me and my family, loyal and never …show more content…

What she wrote had most of the things I had but there were some different. For instance, when my mother said he had to be self-sufficient I have not thought of that I shouldn't have to do everything for him and he should depend on himself sometimes but not always. In comparison to my father's, he had very little compared to both of us only being he had to have a college degree. My guessing was fairly equal to my mother being we both said honesty and loyalty. When my mother wrote it down at first she thought it was for her, but I told her it was for me and she said she was the same as me.

In conclusion, I do know my parent very well, being that I would have a good relationship and my mother would accept my future man. She knows what would be the best for me so that I can live a happy life. Like the story Romeo & Juliet I would have a good marriage for I know my mother very well, and I know that if I were to tell her a realistic reason she would understand. This mini project has helped me understand my mother more and how much she really knew me, and in the end, she was right

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