Declaration and Address Analysis Essay

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Declaration and Address Analysis The Declaration and Address’ intended audience was all who love our Lord Jesus Christ. The intended audience ties in with the message of most of the document in that it speaks of unity. A major part of the Stone-Campbell Movement was to bring unity and the Stone-Campbell Movement was formed through unity. I think a couple of the main reasons why unity is so important in the document was one, because God calls us to unity through Him, and two, because the Stone-Campbell Movement was created through unity. If Stone and Campbell stayed separate in their thoughts, beliefs, and motives the impact they were able to have would not have happened. The importance of unity is far beyond describing. When…show more content…
Then there were other people who did not like change in the church. They thought the only instrument should be a piano and the only songs that should be sung were the hymns. And then there was a third group. This group liked a mix, they did not see a problem with some new music and adding a few instruments, but they also liked the traditional hymns, they did not feel like they had to get rid of one to have the other. Their concern was more with trying to please all people; obviously not everyone was going to like everything that occurred, but to compromise was there thought and tactic. These different mindsets concerning the music caused a division to occur in the church. This example ties in with another point addressed in the Declaration and Address. And that is the point concerning what to do with doctrinal differences that are not based on clear and exact teachings in the New Testament and how that leads to division. There are a lot of things that come about in life that we can clearly read in the Bible is right or is wrong. With that being said it is simple to make definite rules and it is also simple to clear up arguments and disagreements when the answer is clearly seen in the Bible, because it is really hard to argue with a clear answer in the Bible when you are trying to use the Bible to back you up. However, what happens when there is not a clear teaching in the Bible? That is what happened with the
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