Defaix The Drinking Age In America Summary

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An article written by Sophie Defaix, a staff member of Millersville University, writes an article in The Snapper the University's paper called “The drinking age in America: what’s there to fuss about.” Defaix argues that the drinking age in the United States should be lowered to eighteen, and if so the amount of underage binge drinking incidents would decrease. Defaix writes this paper with the intended audience most likely being staff and students of the university or even parents of students that attend the university. Defaix uses examples and draws on her past to relate to her readers and give them other perspectives, but she has nothing that backs her strengths her argument limiting its effect.
This article Defaixs appeal to reason appears weak, with her use of reflection on her past, using examples from growing up in another country and different culture where the legal drinking age is lower, and that …show more content…

ng with reflecting on her past and comparing to the laws and views of another country Defaix uses statements, making it seem that if the legal drinking age was lower that it would be different and even better, …show more content…

But with her using an example using a different topic, but similar scenario, she explains how having the drinking age at twenty one it encourages underage drinkers to consume more alcohol at a faster rate when they do get the opportunity to have it. Defaix states in this scenario that “It is the same thing as forbidding a child to take a piece of chocolate: when mom isn't there, he will most likely take it anyways. In fact, he will take even more than he would have taken when his mom would have allowed him to eat some chocolate and he will keep eating it until it makes him sick. It works the same way with underage drinkers. The fact that it is illegal makes alcohol more interesting and

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