Defies Reason through Faith Essay

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Defies Reason through Faith

St. Anthony was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1195 A.D. He wanted to live his life above himself as to give meaning to his own life. St. Anthony chose to become a member of the Congregation of Canons Regular of St. Augustine at the age of fifteen. At the congregation, he dedicated his life to the practice of piety in the Monastery at Coimbra. While in the congregation, some of his fellow friars went to Morocco to preach the Gospel of Christ. In Morocco, the friars were brutally tortured for their faith. Christian merchants consummated in recovering the friars’ remains and returned in mastery back to Coimbra. When they returned, St. Anthony was seized with an unwavering desire to suffer martyrdom in a like …show more content…

Anthony spoke those words the dead man arose from his coffin. The man was alive again and wrapped his arms around his parents, and they were very grateful for what St. Anthony had done for them. St. Anthony showed his faith in God by defying the fact the man was dead and bringing him back to life.4 Many people heard about all the miracles that St. Anthony was doing. A woman was returning home from one of St. Anthony’s sermons found her child dead in his cradle. She was in such great grief not knowing what to do when the great Wonder-worker came across her mind. The woman went to him with certainty and told him that her son was dead. She asked him to have sympathy for a mother’s tears. St. Anthony told her to go back home and that God had answered her prayers. Believing what he had told her, she went home and found her child not only alive, but well and playing with marbles. Anthony dispersed so many miracles and Divine favours that people called him "The Sower of Miracles."5 Anthony had finished his "Commentary on the Psalms," during a time of observation and meditation. After the strenuous religious life and its constant severity, he was determined to return to regular life. He finished his manuscript and fled. A young scoundrel stole a copy of St. Anthony’s manuscript, most likely hoping to

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