Definition Essay About Failure

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Failure. It’s something everyone goes through at one point or another. It’s that big test you studied for, that internship you wanted more than anything else, or the denial from that one person you really hope would say yes to a date. It’s happened to all of us. But, it’s how we choose to look at all of our failures that really defines who we are as a person.

I believe we all need to fail. When we continually succeed, it’s a great feeling and we can ride that wave for as long as possible, but eventually it will end and instead the wave of reality will hit hard. I’m a firm believer that failure needs to be taught. I’m not saying that you need to learn how to fail, but rather learn how to cope with failure. If you learn to cope with failure in a healthy way, you can easily benefit from it and it can help you become a better person. However, if you don’t learn how to cope with your …show more content…

When you look at young children, they always seem so carefree, and fearless. Well, that’s because they are. They aren’t afraid to climb that thirty foot tall tree in their backyard and they aren’t afraid to cannonball into the lake, because they know that if they do stumble or fall they can easily get back up and keep going. Some children cry, and parents will soothe them telling that it’s okay and that everything is alright. When these children grow up, the tall trees turn into grades, internships, relationships, competitions, etc., but that doesn’t mean that the soothing and advice should stop. When the acceptance of failure is not only taught, but also practiced, the person who has done the failing is more likely to get back up and try again. I admire those who have continued to fail, change, and continue to try towards their goals. By failing, you can develop acceptance, determination, open-mindedness, and the chance to become a more humble

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