Definition Essay Forgiveness

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Even though many people think that forgiving won’t get anyone anywhere, or help anyone, they are wrong. Forgiveness is key to life, without forgiveness people would never be able to have any relations with anyone, mistakes are a part of life and mistakes happen. The way people take the mistake show people what kind of person they will become, and forgiving someone can change a person’s life. One reason forgiveness is a great lifestyle if people who are forgiven usually learn from their mistakes. When people are merciful others will accept people for who they are. Forgiveness makes a difference in people’s lives, forgiving people are the people someone would want in their life. When a person is forgiven for their wrongs they will accept that what they have done wrong, it is something they shouldn’t have done, and…show more content…
If people were unable to forgive, then people would not be able to forgive God for the wrongs he had done. Without God people wouldn’t be able to have a healthy life, God has answers, and he has the answer’s people need. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone, although some mistakes are worse than others, mistakes are all the same, and everyone should be forgiven. When people are forgiven they can be a part of others lives, people need others in their life, without others people can lose themselves. The final reason forgiveness is important, is without forgiveness there would be resentment and thoughts about revenge, this can cause everyone pain. If people resented people for every little mistake, people would always be filled with anger. Although people may not want to forgive people for their mistakes, people who don’t forgive may pay a bigger price. When people don’t forgive they could lose a friend, a partner, a parent, and a child. All the people in others lives can be affected by not being forgiven, so who pays the bigger
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