Definition Essay On Beauty

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Beauty is quality of a person that beautiful. Most people are admired because of their beauty. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You see beauty everywhere from in person, on T.V., Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc. I say beauty can be defined in different ways. Other people discriminate beauty and think it should be a certain way or prefer it a certain way. Other discriminate beauty and think it should be a certain way or prefer a certain way. The media can also make beauty seem like something it not or take it over board with it. I feel that beauty shouldn’t be defined as what it should look like or follow what the media defines it.
As I said before beauty can defined in different ways. African American women use their hairstyles to define them. African Americans make their hairstyles make them feel nice and pretty. Certain hairstyles get criticized how they are styled or the type of color they have. A African American woman can have a hairstyle and talked about for having it and another race can have the same style and give it a different that s meant for a different hairstyle and get called classy, nice, pretty etc. I think hair shouldn’t have color on it because of the race. Meaning by this: it should be called a lack girl hairstyle or white girl hairstyle. I also feel that …show more content…

Wearing tight clothes or little clothes makes them feel better and thinks that is attractive. I don’t think wearing certain clothes to look a certain way doesn’t make you feel better about yourself. Sometimes I dress up to look cute for myself or when I’m going out with friend. Other than that I would put on some sweatpants or jeans and a t-shirt and look fine and feel fine about myself. My grandmother is another person I say that doesn’t care what she has on and feel confident in her clothes. Everybody should feel good, comfortable and confident in any type of clothing they have

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