Definition Essay On Being Old

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Aging, this leery, yet invisible clock that many try desperately to escape the grips of. To some, when this term is brought up or directed towards them, it brings this sort of realization that their youthfulness is not eternal. Or even this panic that inevitable may be soon around the corner, but why fear something that will happen one way or the other? Let’s go over what exactly this word means, according to the dictionary it is “the length of time during which a being or thing has existed; length of life or existence to the time spoken of or referred to :”( “aging”).A simple definition that can be perceived in numerous ways. But sadly often times when this particular term is mentioned, it is associated with being old or that one is being put into this daunting category well known as the elderly. However, rather than aging being seen as such a negative expression, aging should be seen in a whole new light. Instead of one’s youth being taken away, it should be looked forward to because life’s knowledge is abundant and can only be withheld as we age. The years better yet the days that are spent on …show more content…

Whether it's if they will have a family or if they'll get the dream job they've been looking forward to for years. Either way, it’s this scary unknown that lingers in some people’s mind. However, when a person reaches a certain age, the worries and stress of that is no longer existent. More than likely they’ll have that figured out and well in their past. Imagine the amount of relief people of older age must feel not having to fear of what their future has in plan for them. This leads to a more happy and enjoyable life since they are able to no longer dwell and worry but With the progression of your years living the once unanswered and daunting life questions have most likely already have been

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