Definition Essay: The Influence Of The Dog Cage

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The kitchen is a decent room if it is not morning. The kitchen is a dynamic but drowsy place where everyone was scrambling in panicked, but sluggish steps while cooking and sitting down only to get back up to grab something they forgot and if they weren’t running around they were trying to rest because of the fact that they were tired. The chair that locks the entrance from the porch to the room is a moderately comfortable chair at that with a rough and dense pillow followed by a by a tuckered out and effective backrest. And the dog cage to the right from the entrance from the porch to the room is indeed a dog cage with a mattress covered by a large and rough blanket that is always warm, but with a twist the dog cage periodically contains …show more content…

At eight in the morning the room is almost always filled with at least three people so it is almost always guaranteed that there will be the sound of sizzling and in the rare cases when someone is not using the pan to cook chicken or beef, someone is using the water boiler or making coffee that makes rumbling sounds at 100 decibels or louder. Leading to a situation that makes it impossible to concentrate on anything but since everyone is already there, no one leaves and instead raises the volume so that they can speak and listen whether online or offline, forcing anyone who couldn’t or didn’t raise the volume to leave even though they were resting and not bothering anybody since they were so tired because they stayed up all night until at most two A.M. And then promptly return since the other room was a room with just a couch and chances were, someone was already resting there, so when the person has an option of resting in a room at 110 decibels or being the kind of person who wakes up someone who went to sleep twenty or sixty minutes ago they go back to the room and writhe from the sound which has increased to 120 decibels and the restlessness until they eventually leave, somehow manage to fall asleep, people lower the volume because no one is boiling water or making coffee and fall asleep or the person on the couch finally wakes up and goes to their bed and they can rest on the couch. So in conclusion most

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