Definition Essay: What Is Lust?

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What is lust? What is love? Is there a difference? It depends who you ask. Lust is infatuation, being so distracted by one person that everything else seems a blur. You forget the issues, and focus on only the positive. Love is all of it; the fighting, arguing, and the good. There are pros and cons to both. There once was a woman named June.
She was married to someone named James, who she had known for many years. They lived in a very nice house in Vermont with two kids. However, she was not entirely happy. June grew up with a troubled childhood; her father was an abusive drunk and her mother worked all the time. She never truly knew what love felt like. When she was young, about seventeen, she met a boy named Ryan. She was infatuated with him from the minute …show more content…

She never stopped loving him even when he left.
Sure, she loves James, but no one has ever made her feel like Ryan did. A few years into their marriage, June ran into Ryan at the grocery store and they got to talking about what they have missed over the years. They agree to go to dinner the following night without James knowing. She knows what she is doing is wrong, but she cannot help it.
She does not want to hurt his feelings, so she keeps it a secret.
They continue to talk and go to dinners for a couple of weeks, and James begins to get suspicious. He asks her where she is going and she tells him out with her girlfriends. June is still so in love with Ryan after so many years of being apart and now doesn’t know what to do. Does she throw away everything she has built with James and her family to leave for the one who broke her heart so long ago? She couldn’t bring herself to do so. On the night of April 8th, Ryan was on his way to his friends house when he got into a tragic car accident. He passed that night.
June found out the next day in the local paper. She was speechless. He was her everything and she would have done anything for him. To this day, she is still married

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