Definition Of The Cold War

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Definition of Cold War
In my opinion, the definition of the Cold War: was a series of conflicts concerning political, mili-tary, and economics activities between two major political philosophies, represented by the United States along with Western Europe (democracy led) and by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, along with Eastern Europe (communist led). Moreover, open hostilities between the US and the USSR never occurred except though each countries client states.
Origins of the Cold War
The cold war has its start in World War II, when to fight against the axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan). The United States and the Soviet Union along with Great Britain and France (The al-lies) formed an alliance of convenience to defeat the …show more content…

Germany was divided in two areas, the Ameri-cans and its allies controlled the west; Soviet Union and its allies controlled the east part of Ger-many. Further division involved the German capital of Berlin which was also separated into west and east zones. The reason why Germany was split was to prevent that country from rising to pow-er again (The Orgin of the Cold War).
After the war, the United States was for the most part untouched by the affects of the war which helped in a large economic expansion. The conditions that aided economic expansions: having friendly nations to the north (Canada) and to the south (Mexico). Another geographical aid in-volved the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east which created a buffer be-tween the United States and the axis powers (the Soviet Union did not have these protections). Additionally, the war left the US with intact industries, roads, railroads and bridges. The result was the United States became the world’s first super power. The United States never experienced the paranoia of national security that the Soviet Union has experienced and is experiencing till this day (US Department of State).
Overall it was the general conditions of the US and Soviet economy along with the respective con-ditions of the transportation and industrial system that assisted in creating the Cold War.
Notable Events of the Cold War Notable events in

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