Deity and Practices of Catholicism vs. Christianity Essay

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There are many denominations that fall under Christianity, one being Catholicism. It is true that all Catholics are Christians. However, it is not true that all Christians are Catholic. Jesus Christ is the founder of both branches. Catholics and Christians have several things in common as well as several things that set themselves apart. This work will look at a few of those similarities and differences, including; their concept of deity, practices, and life after death. Both Catholicism and Christianity are a lot alike when it comes to the topic of deity. There is not much that separates the two religions when it comes to differences in this aspect. Both religions believe in God as to be three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and …show more content…

One may say, “Well Christianity is like that!” That is true, however, Catholics believe in a place before Heaven that a person may go to known as Purgatory. Purgatory, as previously stated, is a place a person may go to before going to Heaven who wish for purification. Purgatory is not a pleasant place. It is known to be more like Hell than it is Heaven. Purgatory is a location where people go to “get rid of their sins” before proceeding to Heaven. Most Christians do not believe in Purgatory. Christians believe in going straight to Heaven or straight to Hell, no in between. Christians believe that a person dies only once and then proceeds to Heaven to face God’s judgment. If that person accepted God in his life and was washed clean of his/her sins, then that person will be granted acceptance into Heaven. If that person did not meet those qualifications, then that person will be banished to Hell forever. To take it a step further, Christians believe that a series of events (found in the book of Revelations) will occur after God has called his children home. This will be known as the Tribulation. During the Tribulation, non-believers will have the chance to become believers and accept God into their hearts. If these people do this, then they will be called to Heaven as well. After the Tribulation, all of God’s children will be called to Heaven and all of his non-children will be cast into the lake of

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