Delta Airlines : A Crop Dusting Operation Essay

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History: Delta Airlines was founded in Macon, Georgia, with the name of Huff Daland Dusters, which was a crop-dusting operation in the 1920s. Delta Airlines was the first commercial flying company in existence. Delta Airline has had many names over the years, but became “Delta Airlines, Inc,” in the 1940s after going to war. They had many first beginnings, to name more of those first beginnings: visual inspection with a portable x-ray machine, bring passengers to a hub airport, launch the Douglas DC-8 jet service, offer complimentary meals on coach flights, flew nonstop from Atlanta to Los Angeles, board one million passengers in one city in a month, baggage check-in service, and first to use moving maps. Besides all the first beginnings Delta Airlines had, they also merged with so many other companies over the years. Just to name a few of the companies that have come aboard with Delta over the years: Northwest Airlines, Pacific Airlines, American Overseas Airlines, Standard Air Lines, and North Central Airlines. Delta’s logo was unveiled in 1959 and is sometimes called the “widget.” I made reference to all these things to show just how Delta Airline has changed and grown into one of the largest American airlines in the United States. They started in agriculture and expanded to carrying passengers and aiding in the war. Delta Airlines has a history unbeknownst to most. Their headquarters is currently located on the corporate campus of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta

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