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Democracy in America Democracy in America Democracy in America has changed through the years. We started out a republic and in some ways we still are, but in other ways we have turned into a democracy and in some ways we have turned into a socialist country. We still have the vote and the Electoral College. That is an example of how we are still a republic. An example of how we have turned to democracy is the unions. When a union gets together and votes on something such as a strike, that is mob rule and, with the exception of making a deal, there is nothing that anyone can do. An example of how we have become more socialist is the fact that the progressives want to make everything equal and with the current President and Senate, they…show more content…
The Presidential office has changed over time. When this country was first founded and separated from Great Britain, the President, when there finally was one, worked for the people and not for his party. As time has gone by, the President has more often than not pushed for whatever his party has wanted and not necessarily what the people have wanted. Also, the President has more and more pushed things for his own agenda as opposed to the good of the country. I think the framers of the Constitution should have written that in order to be President, the person running should have to have been in the military and also have to have been in some sort of political office or executive in a business. I think that if this was written into the Constitution, this country would be in much better shape than it is today. One other item that the President has is executive power. I believe he uses that power entirely too much. There are certain times when the President should not be allowed to use that power. Our current President has abuse that power. There should be a limit on how many times he can use it and for what. Also, the presidential power of pardoning of prisoners is abused in some cases. Take Bill Clinton for example; he pardoned over 300 people during his presidency but over 140 people were on his last day. Many of those people were violent or drug users and sellers. The power of pardon should be taken away and given to the senate to be voted on or taken away

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