Democracy and Government

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Democracy is defined as “the belief in freedom and equality between people, or a system of government based on this belief, in which power is either held by elected representatives or directly by the people themselves.” So by the very definition, these governments are enlisted to advocate for the interest of its citizens regardless of gender, race or age. All democracies are government by a specific document which outline the method in which they are run and what rights they protect. A common facet in all these documents is a clause that states that the government runs solely on the will of the people, wand when will differs, the majority will prevail. However the purpose of democracy is that it allows the ideals of minorities to be expressed. This balanced system allows for all to have a voice. Unfortunately many times Lobbyists and political parties can generalize the will of the people, serving industries more than citizens. However this is often checked up on, and with recent emergence of third parties, the voice of people can be heard.
Democracies are set to address the issues which adolescents believe are important, and many have infrastructure to deal with adolescent issues. One of the popular examples of this is the United States’ ‘We the People’ online petitions, an interactive way that allows the White House keep a pulse on important issues. Any petition that is signed by more than one hundred thousand people, will be officially and publicly addressed by the

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