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In this Presidential Election, the Republican Party is a disadvantage in Florida due to the large concentrations of voters in major cities. The majority of the state votes for the Republican candidate, but big cities like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa always seem to vote for the Democratic candidate. In the 2012 election between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, Mitt Romney won all but thirteen counties but lost in majorly in the urban areas where Barack Obama won an astonishing number of the votes. For Donald Trump to stand a chance, he must focus on the rural cities with a large number of Conservative and Independent voters and has a low voter turnout.
The number one county Donald Trump must focus on is Sarasota County. Even with almost one hundred and twenty thousand registered republican voters during the 2012 election, Romney still only was able to carry fifty-two percent of the votes in that county. This is a very populated county filled with republican voters who have a low turnout rate in previous elections. Money should be pumped into Sarasota to help increase voter turnout for the Trump Pence campaign. With a large push to get Republican voters to come out and vote Donald could win a bunch of solid votes to offset some of the counties he will struggle in.
The largest group of counties that should be focused on are the counties of; Collier, Martin, Indian River, Escambia, Lake, Highlands, Citrus, Marion, Manatee, Charlotte and Lee. Like Sarasota County, these counties have
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