Democrats Compare And Contrast

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Have you been heavily involved in politics lately? Lately it seems the battle of Democrats vs. Republicans has been very heated and almost everyone is interested. With the presidential election right around the corner, the great debate at hand has been Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. These two individuals are from two separate parties, with many contrasting views. From gun control laws to foreign policy, every ideology seems to contrast between these two parties. Aside from liberal or conservative views, how are Democrats and Republicans similar? Also, How do they contrast from each other? Throughout this paper I will present the multiple differences and similarities within these two parties. One of the main issues that separate the Democrats from Republicans has to be their standpoint in ideologies. Democrats tend to be more “liberal, left-leaning” ( While Republicans identify as more “conservative, right-leaning”( This base sets the mood for both parties and their stance on certain problems facing America. For example, while Democrats are for gay marriage, Republicans tend to take a more conservative standpoint, and oppose it. Depending on where the political parties fall on the spectrum they take, they take sides depending on their personal beliefs. …show more content…

In recent years, there has been an emphasis on how we, as a nation, should handle gun violence. Republicans tend to support “limited gun control” ( In addition, they offer “strong support of the Second Amendment” ( However, Democrats believe in “strict gun control” ( It is also common for Democrats to oppose conceal and carry

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