Demonstrative Theme Of Courtly Love In The Knight's Tale

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Courtly love is a very demonstrative theme in “The Knight’s Tale.” In this tale, two cousins are faced with the temptations of courtly love as well as lust, and have to choose between their relationship, or a fake relationship with a beautiful woman. For a better understanding, courtly love is a knight flirting with a nobleman’s wife or vice versa. But in this story, it is two men flirting with the same person. This obviously destroys the relationship between the two flirtatious competitors, which is what happens to Palamon and Arcite in this story. They are prisoners of war, and locked in a tower for eternity. When they see a beautiful woman, Emily, they both fall in love, escape, and fight each other for her hand.
The story starts with two cousins, Palamon and Arcite, locked in a tower in Athens after surviving a battle. During their time in confinement, they see a woman in a garden. They immediately fall in love and fight for her. When Palamon escapes, he, in disguise, works as a servant for Emilie’s father. Shortly after, Arcite escapes, and flees to a grove. It is the same grove as Palamon happens to be in. when they discover each other, they are ready to fight to the death until Theseus, the Man who originally captured them, finds them and decides to let them fight in a publicised arena, for Emilie’s hand. They both fight hard until Palamon wins Emilie’s hand.
There are a lot of connections between Palamon and Arcite, and are important in this story. Both are locked

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