Denmark Health Care System

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The Nation Denmark is the oldest kingdom in the world and one of the oldest states in Europe. The current monarch, Queen Margrethe II is very popular among the Danes and began ruling in 1972. Denmark’s history started with the Viking age. The Danes conquered northern and eastern England and Christianity was introduced during this time. The Reformation fighting ended in 1536 and left the establishment of the Lutheran church headed by the monarch. Denmark lost territory and money in the Thirty Years War with Sweden. However, the Great Northern War restored Denmark’s power in the Baltic. Despite some territorial losses, Denmark started to prosper economically, introducing a representative form of government and many social and educational reforms. Denmark remained neutral in the First World War and the present southern border with Germany was established. As Hitler rose to power in Germany, Denmark introduced the Great Social Reforms, continuing to prosper culturally. Denmark was occupied by Germany in World War II. Denmark joined the European Community in 1973. The education system in Denmark is much desired. All higher education in Denmark is free, including college, graduate schools, and medical school. The Danish school system consists of a …show more content…

It is available to all residents, free of charge. The quality of the care is high with popular patient satisfaction. Citizens are able to choose a doctor and the entire health care system is much more cost effective than the United States. Average life expectancy for men is 78 years and women is 82 years. Overall, the Danish are not only the happiest country in the world, but also one of the fittest. They cycle and walk to work, are often part of some type of sports club, and eat healthy. The Danish also practice the tradition of Hygge, which means creating a warm environment and enjoying the good things in life with good

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