Dental Piercings Research Paper

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If you are considering getting your tongue or lip pierced, then may have nothing on your mind other than how great you think it will look. While this piercing may fit well with your personal style, you need to know how it will affect your dental health, so you can make an informed decision on whether you feel the health risks are worth going under the needle. Here are three ways dental piercings can affect your oral health in a negative fashion.

Oral Piercings Can Cause Irreversible Gum Recession

About 30 percent of people who have one or more oral piercings experience gum recession, and it can occur as soon as just a few weeks after getting the piercing. While some experience this gum damage only where the piercing comes into contact with …show more content…

Also, once gum tissue is gone, the only way to replace it is with a gum graft. It simply won't grow back, even after the jewelry is removed from your mouth.

Tongue Jewelry Can Cause Cracks in Teeth That Lead to Cavities

While you may already know that tongue jewelry can lead to cracked or broken teeth if you bite on it accidentally while eating or take a blow to the face during an accident that knocks the jewelry into your teeth forcefully, you may not know that even you take care to avoid any serious accident, just the act of the jewelry moving around in your mouth on a daily basis can cause tooth fissures, which are tiny scratches in your tooth enamel.

Since they start so small, you will likely have no idea you are getting these tiny cracks and scratches until oral bacteria decides they are great places to breed and cavities begin developing. While cavities can be filled, remember that they are still permanent tooth damage. The average tooth-colored filling only lasts for five to seven years, so they will need continuous replacement throughout your life due to the damage caused by your decision to obtain an oral

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