Dentist Observation

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The second year student I observed was very organized and passionate while helping her patient. Since this was the last of four visits she had with her patient, she was sweet enough to purchase baby socks for him because his wife was expecting in a few weeks. I loved how personal she made his experience at the clinic. He said the only reason he was visiting a dentist for the first time in over fifteen years was to set a good example for his soon to be son. From what I could tell, the student was ergonomically correct for the majority of the appointment. Her body positions were different than when I observed another student during my first observation.
I. Preparation: I did not come in early to watch the set up of the unit for this appointment because I arrived an hour early in my last observation, and I feel pretty comfortable setting up and wiping down the unit. The student reviewed everything in the patient’s chart even though this was her fourth appointment with him. The treatment area, the maxillary left quadrant, needed local anesthetic before progressing forward with the procedure. She got a short needle ready for an injection to check off on an actual
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He was a Calculus Level Three, so the student was only able to work on one quadrant at each appointment. I know the professors mentioned students would have to do this, but I had no idea how much time had to be spent on just one small section of the mouth! His plaque score was at 40%. No risk factors were discussed with the patient, but he was extremely apprehensive about his mandibular right canine. It was out of alignment and bleeds profusely whenever he brushes and flosses. All of his other teeth bleed, but not nearly as bad as that specific tooth. The patient was really trying to take care of the irritated canine the best he could by still brushing and flossing even though it
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