Depression : A Common And Serious Medical Illness

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What is depression? Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel the way you think and how you act. Because of depression it causes feeling of deep sadness and/or the loss of interest in activities he/she once enjoyed. Furthermore, it can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems and it can also decrease a person’s ability to function/ give it their 100% at work, home or school. Of depression symptoms, could be the change in appetite causing weight loss or gain, loss of sleep or sleeping too much, loss of energy, increase in restless activities or slowed movements and speech, feeling worthless or guilty, difficulty in thinking/loss of concentration/making decisions, and the thought of …show more content…

People will see you differently and consider you an outcast and well if word gets out not only will the students and fellow peers will see you badly, avoid you, and believe what others are saying about you but as well as the teachers or maybe even the principal. It’s not good to have a bad reputation cause not only will people constantly remind you every day about the mistakes you did they will let the people you may hide it from know the type of person you are. So, no matter where you go or what you do your past will always find a way to be in the present. These effects of cyber bullying can lead to self-harm, suicide, anxiety, etc. Suicide and self-harm are not a game to play with. People in the late teens to mid-20 have suffered self- harm and close to near death experiences at least once or twice in their lives or have taken their own lives. Bullies think it’s fun to mess around and make up stuff about a certain person their own age or older and do not think of the consequences that follow if one of their victims kills themselves because of all the harassments, bad comments, loss of communication with friends, the pain, and suffering that they cannot take anymore. The amount of suicide deaths has been increasing over the years and yet the bullies do not see what they are

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