Bullying Is Bad Traditional Or Cyber Bullying?

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What is Worse Traditional -Bullying or Cyber Bullying

What is Worse Traditional -Bullying or Cyber Bullying and
Which is Worst Traditional or Cyber-Bullying?
Patricia Spatcher
Florida Southwestern
State College

What is Worse Traditional -Bullying or Cyber Bullying and
Which is Worst Traditional or Cyber-Bullying?

Bullying is the aggressive act of repetitive emotional, psychological or emotional abuse, by one or more persons over a time span. Traditionally, there are four main types of bullying; physical (assault), verbal (threats), relational (social exclusion) and indirect (spreading rumors). With the increased use of Internet and mobile phones, a new form of bullying has emerged, often labeled 'cyber bullying
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This information can be in the form of text, photos, or videos. Cyberbullying can take many forms. It may include repeatedly sending e-mails to people who have said they do not want contact with the sender. It can also include sending threats, making sexual remarks, using offensive language or labels, or posting humiliating photos or videos, as well as spreading rumors or lies about the victim. Cyberbullying is a huge problem and is becoming a growing epidemic among children. With the increase of social media and internet use among people of all ages rising each year, cyberbullying cases continue to skyrocket as well. Often, the most common offenders of cyber bullying are the ones you would least expect; this is because when they are hiding behind a computer, they feel that they have more power and wind up saying harsher, more offensive things than they would say to someone in public. Sometimes these people were known as "keyboard commandos"- people who are braver behind a keyboard than they are face to face. Cyber bullying can be devastating to a child 's self-esteem and can have lasting consequences on their mental health, their ability to interact socially, and their ability to perform in the classroom. In some extreme cases, cyber bullying has even led to suicide.
Children and teenagers are not the only victims of cyberbullying- adults also been found to be victims as well as culprits of cyber
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