Depression In The Black Depression

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350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Depression is the most common mental disorder among human beings. Depression is a mental illness that causes feelings despondency and dejection. It is the tenth leading cause of death in America. Sadly, some people think the illness is a myth. They believe that depression is a dramatic representation of sadness. Majority of these people are minorities. Depression in the black community has been a mystery for quite some time. This is due to many misconceptions about the illness and social status. Adults are afraid of stating they have depression for fear of being seen as weak. Children are afraid to tell their parents because of the typical response they get, “That’s that white people shit”, “stop acting like those white kids on tv” “brush it off”. Why is this the response we get from most black people? Why is it not treated like any other illness?
Depression has been prevalent in African Americans since their arrival in America. They were forced into manual labor under the excruciatingly hot sun from morning to night. They were whipped and tortured. Women were ripped away from their children and raped daily. Etc. The amount of mental and physical trauma slaves went through is horrendous. For example, in Steven Mcqueen’s film 12 years a slave, based off of the novel 12 years a slave by Solomon Northup, the story of a captured free man is told. Solomon Northup was that free man. While Northup was a slave, he had a
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