Depression in Adolescence

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The prevalence of MDD is higher in women than in men. It has a ratio of 2:1. This case study is based on my life and how I myself have dealt with depression. I was 12 years old when I started to show the first signs of depression. I believe there were several causes for my development of depression. I was just beginning middle school with all these new people that I knew nothing about, at the time some of my family that I had grown up with my entire life were moving, friends that I had a relationship with just last year I no longer talked to, and my strained relationship with my father took a turn for the worse. That year I found out that my aunt and her two children that I spent the majority of my time with that I considered two of my best friends were not only moving, but they were moving to another state altogether. After that I started to slowly distance myself from others. At this time my dad lived with my mom and I. This was stressful because my parents don’t get along at all. Time progressed and the atmosphere in my house became more and more intense to the point where they were arguing all the time. This would always make me upset and I would cry because I didn’t want to see or hear my parents fight. Then my dad took it too far and not only hit me, but he hit my mother. I was hurt and angry and didn’t know what to do. My mom kicked him out the house and I didn’t speak to him or see him for a couple of months. With all the stress at home it started to not only affect

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