Depression in Teenagers: A Growing Problem Essay

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Depression in Teenagers: A Growing Problem

Who has not, at some time or another, said, “I am depressed?” It is a line that slips off the tongue of people all too readily when they are bored or unhappy. But most people, when they say that, do not mean that they are clinically depressed, possibly wanting or needing treatment. Sadness is unpleasant but it is not as bad as depression. When people are sad, they keep their self-respect and they feel better after a good cry or a talk with a friend. When people are depressed, self-respect fades, crying does not help at all, and people who are depressed feel alienated around others because they feel like no one understands what they are going through (Brenton 67).

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When depressed there are other options for a person to use in order to get better. In order to get better teenagers can go to therapy sessions and journal about what is going on in their lives instead of going on antidepressants right away. Sometimes writing down what is felt makes a person feel better (Brenton 34). The first view that will be described is the view that depression is an actual illness that should not be ignored as if it is being made up.

One out of every ten high school students experience some form of severe depression during their high school years (Cohen-Sandler). How do parents find out if their child suffers from depression? If a teenager feels helpless and hopeless most of the time they may suffer from depression. If a teenager has two or more of the following symptoms for at least two weeks they may be suffering from depression: change in school performance, change in eating and sleeping habits, persistent unhappiness, withdrawal from people and activities that they previously enjoyed, excessive guilt or anxiety, aggressive behaviors, inability to concentrate, irritable or angered easily, physical aches and pains, or talk about death or suicide. Talk about death or suicide should always be taken seriously (Depression in Teenagers).

To teenagers, depression causes feelings that everything in life is lost. Therapy, positive reinforcement, and in some

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