Depth, Desire, Determination, and Disclosure Essay

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Depth, Desire, Determination, Disclosure

It was just for a second that we exchanged eyes. He stared at me and I stared at him. Then suddenly a chill went into our spines; we both put our eyes down acting like we had seen each other for the very first time, while we were roommates, well at least for ten days. I couldn’t blame him for that and neither could he blame me. Situations were same for all of us-more than fifty people-living together there and sharing the same schedule.
Five of us shared the same room; we went to bed at the same time and woke up together at the sound of a common alarm. “Same room” and yet we were so distant. Nobody ever uttered a word. There was not a single person who had …show more content…

And this was the rightest decision I ever made; those ten days-the most utilized ten days of my life.
But what made that journey of self-liberation most memorable was a lesson that I learnt. Like I stated before, the meditators were required to maintain noble silence- the silence of body, speech and mind; so any kind of communication was not possible. I, during that period of ten days, either consciously or unconsciously conjectured what my fellow meditators were in real life, especially my roommates. I even had conversations with them, well in my mind, of course. I accumulated whatever I had known about other people who were similar to my fellow meditators and added those characteristics to the image I had formed about the meditators in my mind; the image which I was sure to be an unequivocal truth. But to my greatest shock, when we were allowed to break our noble silence and even encouraged to speak with each other on the tenth day of the course, my supposition about their behavior was nowhere near to reality. But, I thought, this way the only way I assimilated information about my surrounding and from today onwards it was officially unviable. And I started thinking about the several times I made the same mistake in the past.
From that day on, I really began to see things from different points of view and started looking at things from others’ perspective. I

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