Desages And Disadvantages Of Composites

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A composite material is a material that is made of (composed of) 2 or more constituent materials with different physical and chemical properties of each other. When combined, these materials form a composite with different properties from both of its constituent. Composite material is preferred for many reasons. It is often stronger, lighter, and less expensive when compared to traditional materials. Engineered composite materials, for example, are: mortars, concrete, metal composites, reinforced plastics, and ceramic composites. Nowadays, composites are widely used in many fields, especially in industries. Industries including oil and gas industry now use composites as their equipment’s material. One of the strongest reason why composites are now widely used, is that, use of composites lower the production cost for …show more content…

Composites, which are mostly strong, are able to withstand the extreme condition of offshore environment. In the offshore oil and gas industry, composites offer many advantages. The manufacturing cost and erecting oil rigs can be significantly reduced if using composites instead of using heavy metal. Composites are lighter but offer a comparable strength. Composite could be used for fire-water piping, sea water cooling, draining systems and sewerage, sump caissons and pull tubes, cable support systems, etc. The cost advantages by using composite products are really significant when it is used to replace expensive corrosion-resistant metals such as copper-nickel alloys, duplex / super duplex stainless steel, titanium etc. The metals mentioned are very expensive compared to composites. Also, composites are more lightweight. Composite is also very resistance to salty and swampy solvent/fluids that may pass through, and therefore, it improves the reliability and safety of the work environment, and also leads to lower life cycle

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